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Trading Journal #4

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update. 

A combination of low motivation to write and being busy have led to me not posting as often as I should be.

So, today, I’m going to drop a new journal entry to look back on later and reflect on my trading.

In my last post, “There are no Cowards in the Citadel” we were in the middle of a decent pullback.

True to form, much of crypto twitter was panicking as if there aren’t always pullbacks pre halving. The OG traders who actually make money weren’t panicking, but A LOT of others were. 

It’s kind of hilarious how emotional and reactive 95% of the accounts on crypto twitter are. It makes me believe that “95% of traders lose money” statistic that everyone always cites.

As of this writing (April 4th 2024) bitcoin is still chopping around $69K, Capo is still bearish, and other accounts are talking about top signals.

I can’t imagine being long term bearish pre halving!

My guess is the vast majority of them are just new entrants who learned technical analysis basics in the last 12 months.

If I was to make a bet (I am max long), I would almost guarantee that the people selling here out of fear will be left behind when prices go skyward… just like cycles past.

Now to the important shit. 

The coins I hold and like. 

Because the coins I like are going to change the future, and the coins I’m not holding are vaporous ponzis. 

My port has had some ups and downs through all this, but currently it’s on a pretty solid upswing.

My most powerful cooker right now is $Boden

I bought this one at $2 mil mc after seeing the fellas post abut it. I then sold it for a 5-figure profit. 

After that it continued to run.

Once it had that first big pullback to its previous all-time high, I bought back in.

Now I’m sitting on a high 5 figure bag of it, but not what it could have been had I just held the initial position.

The reason I love this play is because it is EXTREMELY normie friendly. 

Coins like $Retardio are great (I still have my bag) but Jeo Boden is so easily digestible for people who haven’t caught the same brain rot we all have from being chronically on twitter.

$Boden is currently bounding around between $450M-$500M market cap.

As the election heats up, I see it going MUCH higher. 

Just imagine the possibilities if Trump mentions the “Jeo Boden” meme? 

The force at which that coin would send skyward is hard to imagine.

The coin has already gotten some news coverage, so I think it’s only a matter of time.

Some of my coins like $MOG and $Retardio have had pullbacks and cooled off, but I’m still holding strong on them.

Once Bitcoin and Solana start marching upwards again, those coins will be fine.

$MOG was my largest position for quite a while. It’s had quite the pullback, but I truly think that coin will have a market cap in the billions once the post halving run gets going.

One position I’m really worried about is $SPX.

The community is still posting, but the coin just can’t catch a bid. 

The biggest mistake I’ve made in the past 12 months was using a big chunk of capital to add to my SPX bag over my MOG bag. 

That move alone has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

$KEKEC is another coin I’m slightly concerned about. 

I love the coin. Love the meme. Love the team that keeps pumping out content.

For the life of me I just can’t figure out why it’s having such a hard time cracking $10M mc.

I’m not prepared to sell it yet… but I have started to consider the possibility that it just won’t be a winner.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m venturing into the realm of “arguing with the market” instead of “holding conviction”.

It’s a fine line sometimes.

I also have a handful of miscellaneous other coins that have ranges in value from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

If they continue to do well, I’ll discuss them more. 

For all the screaming, crying, and shittng in their diapers that larp traders on CT have been doing, things have been progressing along nicely.

A dip and choppy price action is to be expected going into the halving.

It’s nothing to be concerned about.

My port has been steadily growing, even though it’s had ups and downs.

99% of my strategy lately has been sitting on my hands and letting winners percolate going into the halving.

I really think I have a good chance of making it this cycle.

Just have to stay plugged in and not lose focus.

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