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Embrace the Autism – Achieve Generational Wealth

I see people on crypto twitter all the time talking about “the bear market” and how we “just have to wait for the bull market to return so we can start making gains again”.

I can’t help but laugh every time I see it, because me and a lot of the homies have been printing for months now. 

I’m sure things are stagnant as hell if you’re trading on centralized exchanges, but we’ve already had numerous mini cycles in the decentralized space, where there were untold numbers of 20x plays to be had.

There was the,

  •  AI cycle
  • The 0X0 cycle where everything that had an “0x” in the project name pulled multiples just because they were sympathy plays to 0x0 (which was one of my biggest gains this year, thanks Crypto Hunter Gon)
  • The frog cycle spawned by PEPE
  • A “hamster racing cycle” (you had to be there)
  • And now we’re in a telegram bot cycle led by Unibot, as well as a defi meme cycle led by HarrypotterObamaSonic10Inu (yes, that’s actually the name of the project).

As you can see, there’s been no shortage of action if you’ve been playing the shitcoin casino over on the dex’s like uniswap.

The problem is, a lot of people who own crypto are missing out because they’re too hung up on “FuNdAmEnTaLs”. This is probably a good time to remind you that none of this is financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only… 

Back to my point. 

If you want grow a portfolio, without it being “up only” season, then you need to learn to embrace the left side of the bell curve. 

Fundamentals can, and do, drive prices in dex trading… but not always.

0x0 is a coin I scored a 20x on, and that coins insane run was driven by some solid fundamentals.

Another coin I got over a 20x on was MONG, and that run was fueled exclusively by shilling and meme hype, and that’s what’s really important to pay attention to.

Real, solid, foundational projects like Unibot don’t come along every day. If you want to flip and compound your trading stack, you’re going to have to embrace following the hot ball of money and riding the hype wave.

Now, it’s true you’ll never find that sage wisdom in the pages of “The Intelligent Investor”, but when that book was written there was no ponzi market like this in existence. You have to adapt and overcome, or “perceive, think, act” as the Ray Peat heads would say.

On a more serious note, the key to making money in these ridiculous cycles is quite literally to turn your brain off and just shooting shots.

You think anyone had a fundamental reason for buying “HarrypotterObamaSonic10Inu”?

Fuck no.

Everyone bought because the community around the token, and the memes they were producing, were basically the textbook definition of weaponized autism. I mean just look at this shit lmao

These are the kind of plays I’ll throw somewhere between .5 – 2 Eth into if I find it early and just treat it as a 20x+ or zero play. MOG is a coin I’m in right now that I’m doing exactly that with.

If it’s just some goofy meme coin that doesn’t have quite that “It factor” then I’ll throw .25-.5 Eth in and see how it goes. Maybe I sell it for a 3x or 5x gain, or maybe I take a 30% haircut. 

That’s how this game goes. 

You just have to get comfortable with being intelligently reckless. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s really not. You have to be reckless in the sense that you’re willing to throw money into something that could legitimately go to zero, while also being measured enough to distinguish between the ponzis that have potential and the ponzis that are just hot dog shit.

How do you make that distinction?

Unfortunately, I don’t have checklist for you. I’ll give you some things to look for, but ultimately you just have to immerse yourself in defi and the culture of crypto twitter. And not those “Web3” pussies who are always crying about “inclusivity” in a world of anon accounts, I mean the real crypto heads. 

Spend enough time on crypo twitter, develop relationships, and participate in DeFi by trying to play some of these shitcoins, and you’ll eventually get your own feel for the markets and what drives certain coins to blowoff tops, and leaves others to dump as soon as they’re created.

Internalize the autism and see yourself gain generational wealth.

Things to Look For When Shitcoining

Like I said above, there’s no exact checklist to look for, but I’ll give you a few things I use to help me decide whether to buy or not. 

These don’t guarantee a coin will succeed, nothing can… but they can help you in your hunt.

Avoiding Scams With DexTools

This is your first stop. You want to make sure whatever your buying isn’t a honeypot or some other kind of scam.

There have been times I’ve bought a freshly created token, before the contract was validated on Dextools, because I thought the meme potential was there to give some decent returns. 

In those cases, I buy from a fresh wallet, not my main trading wallet.

That way, if it ends up being a scam that drains my entire wallet, I won’t lose everything. Like I said earlier… be reckless, but in an intelligent way.

An Unhinged Community

The second thing to do is go to Twitter (not calling it “X”) and start doing searches to see if there is a community building around it. The more unhinged, the better.

You want to see people fanatically posting about it. You want to see meme’s being churned out like an assembly line. You want to see people posting about it in comments. 

The more the energy of the community resembles those videos of dogs who hilariously attack their food bowl, the higher that token is going to go.

This can apply across the board, but especially with meme coins. 

If you find a project with a solid fundamental case, it may go unnoticed by the masses before the price starts shooting up because the team isn’t worried about meme’s, they’re working on shipping a viable product. 

This is why I said before, you need to spend time in the market, and on twitter, to learn how to develop your radar and gut feel.

Recognizable Meme Power

Recognizability can take a project that legitimately has no value and run its market cap into the tens, or even hundreds of millions. 

The PEPE coin, a coin entirely driven by meme magic and hype, ran to nearly 2 billion dollars in market cap. 

This is the kind of insane runs these tokens can go on when you have a recognizable meme, and a rabid community behind it.

Now there is one final piece of the puzzle that can turn some useless shitcoin into a goldmine… and that’s influencer support.

Influencer Driven

Not all influencers are created equal. There are  lot of shitty ones who can’t move the price at all, and others can single handedly carry a project.

One of the most powerful shills in the game that I’ve seen is bitlord. 

One of my over 20x plays this year was jumping in immediately when he started shilling MONG. 

What that dude is able to do is truly pretty impressive, just make sure you don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Today, MONG has retraced all its gains and will likely never run again. 

So, which influencers should you follow?

You have to figure that out on your own. Once again, you just have to spend time in the trenches of crypto twitter, making shitcoin bets, and seeing which influencers calls tend to run, and who’s tend to rug.

Make lists, throw small amounts of ETH into their calls and see which one’s flop and which ones show you a profit. 

That’s how this game is learned, you have to get involved. Stop reading books, and start booking profits. 


The days of buying Litecoin with a few thousand bucks and becoming a millionaire are over. 

Once tokens hit the mainstream, centralized exchanges, the chances of pulling a 100x from them is almost nonexistent.

If you want to grow your portfolio in a remarkable way, you need to leave the comfort of Coinbase and Binance and start getting active in the defi world. 

If you’ve never played around with any of that, I wrote a post I’ll link here that will walk you through the entire process.

If you enjoy trading, there’s nothing more exciting than throwing your money into some Crash Bandicoot coin and watching your money 10x.

That’s all for this one.

Until next time, 


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