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Is Unibot Dead?

“Unibot doesn’t do anything special.”

“Unibot doesn’t have a moat”

“This other project does what Unibot does, BUT BETTER”

If you’ve been hanging around crypto twitter, you’ve probably heard all these argument’s being thrown around as to why Unibot will never recover to its previous valuation, and will ultimately lose the telegram bot wars. 

If you’re new to this space, then these probably all seem like vey valid points. 

However, I’ve seen this before. 

This very same situation happened after Uniswap launched and the defi shitcoin casino started going crazy, printing 10x’s like they were nothing.

After seeing the success of the UNI token, other devs tried to get in on the action by creating other decentralized exchanges, such as SushiSwap.

I heard all the same arguments that I’m hearing now, used to try and explain how Uniswap was going to be overtaken by this or that exchange.

The fanboys of every Uniswap clone would flood the replies, preaching the gospel of their new favorite exchange, and it’s shiny new token. 

They were absolutely convinced that Uniswap was the boomer exchange, and while it would be remembered as an innovative protocol, its ultimate fate would leave it merely seen as paving the way for whatever exchange they were invested in.

And as they all fell off, one by one, Uniswap remained the king. 

Uniswap had first mover advantage, and it had brand recognition. I don’t see the story of Unibot going any differently. 

The masses always think the tech is terrible when the price goes down, and they think it’s going to revolutionize the world when the price goes up.

This will likely never change.

I’m not going to spend this post digging into stats and comparing rev share or volume traded, etc. That would take a lot longer and I’m just writing this post in the few minutes I have to sit down and get my thoughts out before bed.

This current situation just reminds me so much of what I’ve seen before, that it brings to mind the saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun”.

As much as we like to think every situation is brand new, especially if it’s our first time experiencing it, the truth is that these things happen over and over. 

If you don’t believe me, go pull up 10 random shitcoin charts and I’ll bet 7 of them look nearly identical. 

This was all a very long-winded way of saying that I’m still holding my Unibot, and letting the rewards auto compound.

Time will tell if I’m a genius of pattern recognition, or just a coping retard. 

However, I think buying Unibot anywhere near or below $50 could be a “make it” play once the bull cycle returns.

Anyway, best of luck out there.

Until next time,


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