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There Are No Cowards in the Citadel

It’s funny how human psychology never changes when it comes to financial markets.

We just witnessed Bitcoin break through its old ATH from the last bull market.

Bitcoin hit a high of roughly $74K, and all of a sudden, I’m seeing people screaming about top signals. 

All it took was a little dip and retest of the old high of $69K, and people start jeeting their alt coins like the FTX news was announced all over again.

I don’t know if it’s bear market PTSD, people new to the crypto space, or just plain old cowardice getting the best of people.

But the idea that the bull market would end with Bitcoin only breaking its previous ATH by a measly 5 thousand united states dollars, is laughable.

I’m writing this post on Sunday, and my altcoins are starting to recover.

Except for Solana, which has just continued to march up the entire time, with no recovery necessary.

I am seeing some things that make me think the Solana ecosystem could take a breather for a bit. Like absolute mouth breathers sending influencers millions of dollars to a random wallet they tweeted out. 

That said, I don’t think it’s a long-term top. 

My price target remains around $1000 for Solana. 

I have a very hard time believing that with all this new institutional money flowing into Bitcoin, and all the attention that’s generating with the public, that we would have such a lackluster bull market.

The idea that the market would peter out so prematurely after one sad, weak pump above the previous all-time highs, just doesn’t make sense when you look at all the variables.

Have a look at the gold chart and see what happened once the gold ETF was released.

Gold went on about an 8-year bull run, racking up over 400% in gains.

To think Bitcoin won’t do something similar seems to be fully embracing the middle of the bell curve.

My plan is pretty simple.

I’m going to hold onto my main bags like $MOG (which I am betting is the $SHIB of this cycle) and keep playing shitcoins with $5-10K of powder at any given time. 

As I make gains, I’ll:

  • send some off to the tax prep account.
  • move some to the fiat savings account.
  • and aggressively buy bitcoin.

As far as meme coins go, $MOG, $RETARDIO, and $BODEN are all coins I’ll be holding with no apprehension for the time being.

There’s a few others I’ll continue to hold as well, even though I’m not as confident in them.

I also have bags of Solana and DOGE that I’m sitting comfortably on.

It’s very possible we do see a flush lower that scares out a lot of people, only to turn right around and rip to a brand-new ATH.

In that event, the move is to sit on your hands and simply vibe.

Everyone wants to make life changing 10,000X gains, but everyone is too scared to hold through a dip.

You won’t make it into the citadel by being a coward.

There will come a time when it’s time to sell because prices are reaching an apex, but that won’t be when half the timeline is screeching about this or that top signal. 

People forget how rabidly bullish 99% of the world was on crypto last time we topped out.

In my opinion, many of the top signals of the past cycle will not be top signals again this time around.

With the ETF giving “legitimacy” to Bitcoin, hearing your in-laws discuss bitcoin in a general sense won’t be the signal to sell.

Bitcoin has too much brand awareness for that to be the case now. 

My guess is it will be when you start hearing people talk about having a Phantom wallet the same way they talked about buying Bitcoin last cycle.

No matter what the signal is this time around, start devising a strategy for how and when you’ll start cashing out.

Being a pussy and selling before the main run begins is terrible, but it’s less painful than watching life changing money vanish before your eyes.

There’s plenty of blue sky ahead, but don’t let yourself get mesmerized into thinking the music will never stop.

Have the balls to hold the early pullbacks, and the brains to start selling later in the cycle.

Until next time,


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