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Trading Journal #1

January 17th, 2024

Since this is the first installment of these journals, I’m not going to give entry prices for everything… because frankly I don’t remember what they all were. Some of these bags I’ve held for months.

I’m going to break my holdings down by chain, starting with my Solana coins.

This one is my biggest fumble all cycle, and will likely remain my biggest fumble even after the entire bull run is over.

Found it at $40k, threw $300 into it, and sold it for about $5K. 

I ended up rebuying much higher as it went vertical, and then sold for another few thousand dollars when it started retracing.

If I’d only held that initial position and been patient… but no use worrying about that. 

Just a few days ago I bought back into $wif when it looked primed to breakout and sentiment was through the roof. 

I put $3000 in USDC into $wif and its currently sitting at $4600.

I plan on sitting on this position at least until north of $2. 

I think it will absolutely get meme’d into filling the wick from when that one account accidentally market bought an absurd amount and pushed price up to $3 on himself. Plus, there’s the “WIF will flip SHIB” narrative.

On toip of that, it’s Ansems #1 shill, and he’s definitely CT’s main character for this cycle.

All around, it’s a very easy hold.

This is another one I found on Dexscreener under $50K market cap.

I checked out the twitter page and didn’t like the look of it, so I passed… which turns out was a huge mistake lol.

I did make some phenomenal profits from $HONK and $BINGUS, but neither of them have run like popcat (more on Bingus later).

I decided to buy into $POPCAT on a dip a week or so ago, throwing $1K into it.

As of today, that bag is sitting at just over $2K, with POPCAT’s market cap just above $25 mil. 

Once POPCAT hits $50 mil I’ll peel off 25% to recoup my starting capital, then let the rest ride as I reassess the situation. 

If the market is strong, I’ll hold and see if it can push north of $100 mil. 

The meme and community are strong enough to accomplish that I think, given the right market conditions.

This is a coin I got into because my friend Ted suggested it in a group chat. 

Checked Birdeye and Rug Check, saw that everything looked good, then checked the twitter activity. 

It seemed to be forming a strong community pretty quickly, and the market cap was sitting at $1.6 Mil. I set a buy order around a level at about $1.3 Mil and that filled within a few hours.

Invested $2K into this coin, and that bag is currently down to just over $1500.

Just going to sit and watch this coin and give it room to marinate, because it’s getting a lot of engagement on twitter. I think this one’s a pressure cooker.

Bingus is one I’ve flipped a few times for good money. 

The first time, a buddy told me about it on Twitter and I threw a few hundred into it at about $60k mc. 

Don’t remember how much I profited, but I sold somewhere between 3 and 5 mil in two chunks if I remember right. 

I rebought it after it crashed and burned, mostly as a POPCAT beta play. Threw in $400, currently sitting at $622.

Hoping to Sell around $5 mil mc.

Can’t remember metrics on this one, but saw it on twitter, checked it out and bought some. 

Threw $700 in, currently sitting at $285.

My understanding is that the dev dumped and abandoned and now some new guy from the telegram group has taken over the socials, and the coin is looking better (I was down to about $80 on this one).

Market cap is currently sitting a little over $100k, and I’m hoping to ride this one to a few million.

We’ll see how it goes; it could end up as a tax loss harvest.

This one seems like it could be a barn burner. 

It’s getting a ton of love on twitter, $70k in liquidity, $1.2 mil mc, and the top holder percentages are low.

I put $800 into it and I’m basically flat at the moment.

I expect this one to hit north of $10 mil. It looks like a classic “Livingston Accumulation Funnel”.

All of these nags I’ve been holding for while so I’m not going to be doing much for breakdowns, mostly because I don’t remember much.

The girl is cute. 

I’m definitely down on this one after DCAing, but the community is insane and never lets up. 

I think this one will recover… hopefully I’m not just coping.

Again, the community is insane. This coin is definitely going places. 

The market cap has been holding up fairly well, even though the Solana ecosystem has sucked up all the on chain degen liquidity lately.

Another coin I’m simply holding and waiting.

My biggest Ethereum bag currently.

It’s been running lately and my price target is $1000.

I’ve also left the rewards on auto compound since buying it, so just letting those sweet Unibot tokens pile up.

This is another one I’ve been holding for months. 

In truly don’t understand how this coin isn’t at $100 million mc.

The memes are so unhinged it’s impressive, and the devs have been religious about pumping out new content, even as the price plummeted.

I just can’t bring myself to sell this token. 

Once some action returns to Eth, this coin is going to moon like crazy.

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