You’re Not as Poor As You Think You Are

Every day you log on to scroll crypto twitter and see post after post from influencers flexing their latest six figure profit.

With every successive post, the intrusive thoughts creep in more and more.

            “I’m so fucking poor”

            “I’m a brokie”

            “I’ll never make life changing money”

You shake those thoughts from your mind and go check your wallets, only to be disappointed gain by the balances.

Once again, you’re overcome by the crushing feeling that you’ll never trade your way to the good life. You just don’t have it like these big-time traders on your timeline.

Except… there’s something you don’t know.

What you don’t know is that a surprising number of the “big traders” on twitter are nothing but fakes. They aren’t actually that good of traders.

In fact, they don’t actually “trade” at all.

You see, many of these high follower count “traders” are not actually going out and finding coins that they believe have the potential to go up, and then buying them and waiting.

No no no. That certainly isn’t what they’re doing.

Here’s how they make their money, using one of three methods.

  • Find a coin with a low market cap, top holders with low percentage of supply, and fits some recent narrative
  • Buy up a ton of tokens over a few days to not push the price up
  • Post the “low cap gem” they found out to their tens of thousands of followers
  • Sell, using their loyal followers as exit liquidity

Method 2 is functionally the same as the first, except instead of finding the token on their own, a dev team approaches them and offers tokens in exchange for them tweeting out the ticker.

The end result is the same, the followers of the influencer get used as exit liquidity. 

And so, the cycle continues.

Which bring us to method 3. The influencer will create their own coin, spend weeks generating hype prior to launch, and then dump on their followers’ heads.

Not every account with a high number of followers is grifting like this, but the percentage of them that ARE is high enough that you should always be skeptical.

It also means you shouldn’t be comparing your gains to theirs.

If you’re trading for real, and not just creating liquidity through a large following, then you’re not even playing the same game as them.

They’re parasites that prey on the dreams of the people that follow them.

You don’t want to be anything like them.

Want to know something else? 

Many of them, use altered screenshots to look like they have more money than they actually do.

If you have made, and kept, six figures from trading crypto, you are in an upper echelon. 

Sure, you have people like Cobie that are richer than the Queen of England, but people like him aren’t as common as the timeline would have you believe.

The tweets you see getting hundreds of likes don’t necessarily reflect reality.

If you’re making money at this, keep grinding!

There has never been a time in history where a middle- or lower-class person could attain financial freedom so easily. Crypto is a once in a multigenerational opportunity.

So, stop letting the engagement bait on twitter get you down, and stop comparing yourself to grifters who larp as traders.

Put your fucking head down and get your bag.

Until next time, 


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